Groom kisses his brides cheek.

Jacqueline & Chris

I didn’t think I’d get the chance to update the blog while away but have access to a computer for a short time to fill you in on an amazing wedding I photographed while in Scotland – it was the wedding of Linda’s cousin Jacqueline, to Chris, her partner of eleven years!

Bride and groom kissing each other at the seahsore.

Wedding: Erica and Michael

Caves Beach Resort is fast becoming a popular wedding venue. I photographed the venues very first wedding over a year ago.Back there a year later and the changes are impressive.The villas have been finished and offered a modern backdrop for the boys, and this mixed with Erica’s gorgeous vintage dress and her parents stunning home, made for a wonderful contrast of something old and something new!

Its sunset with grey clouds. Bride hugging her groom.

Wedding: Kristina & Jason

Magenta-Shores_001A wedding with a twist, plenty of emotion, a bride like no other and some awesome light – this wedding had it all.

Kristina and Jason both made their preparations and held their reception at Magenta Shores Resort just north of The Entrance  – what  a great place for a wedding, I never tire of going there. They each had an apartment to get ready – next door to one another! For a change, the guys seemed more nervous than the girls but they have been for a very good reason.

Bride holding her bouquet of flower while sitting wearing her white wedding gown.

Wedding: Kate & Chris


This was a really cool wedding to photograph. Why? I think from the moment I turned up it was like photographing a friends wedding. There were some familiar faces from past weddings that I’d covered but it was more than that.

The complete day was being celebrated at Rafferty’s Resort at Lake Macquarie which meant that it wasn’t going to be a hectic day for anyone. No need to worry too much about times, beating the traffic, upsetting a waiting priest or an anxious chef – it was set to be a great day from the beginning and I guess that’s exactly what Kate had in mind when making the plans for this day. On top of that, the weather was PERFECT.

Beatiful white wedding dresses on maniquins.

Wedding Couture or Off the Rack?


Choosing a wedding dress is one of the biggest decisions a girl will make in regard to wedding day plans – the gown says so much about a bride. As a photographer, a gorgeous gown just makes the day easier for me, I feel inspired to shoot which in turn excites the bride, the groom and the bridal party. The gown also gives me a direction to take with the photography where a tight fitting gown will lend itself to a different style of images to the big full gown.

One thing that is always noticeable is when the dress has been designed and crafted by a couturist – sometimes it’s difficult to pinpoint but the gowns will fit with perfection, they are individual and they are a usually a masterpiece that defines the bride.

Groom kissing her bride.

Wedding: Grant & Emily


During the reception at Crowne Plaza I was chatting to Emily’s Dad and I mentioned that it was so lucky that Grant and Emily found each other. There is something about the two of them that just says – everything is perfect when they are together. What a delight to photograph and what a feeling they evoke when anyone sees them together.

Here’s an email that Linda sent Emily and Grant after editing their images (something that she rarely does but felt compelled to after seeing these photos) : Hi Emily, just thought I’d send you a quick email – I’m going through your photos and I just got goosebumps – you guys look so happy together. Can’t wait for you to see them.

Bride holding a umbrella with her groom at the back.

Wedding: Lauren & Trent


I’m pretty lucky with the couples I get to photograph and this wedding just reenforces that belief. It was difficult not to “feel the love” with Lauren and Trent and just get swept away in the day.

From the guys getting ready and all the laughs to the gorgeous girls and their amazing dresses the day was just perfect – even the butterflies performed for the camera and that NEVER happens.

A groom carrying her bride in a billiard room.

Wedding: Sarah & Lucas

The wedding of Sarah and Lucas had me stressed from the moment I met the two of them! A busier couple I HAVE never met. We had booked and rebooked an “E Shoot” and ended up getting some photos done a couple of days before the wedding in a half hour time slot they had available – talk about pressure. Between running a pub on the South Coast and helping to fix the problems of another on the Coast, organising a wedding and staff there was not a minute to spare in their lives.

Bride hugging the groom at the seashore.

Wedding: Lucy & Marcus


The wedding of Lucy and Marcus was both a challenge and a delight to photograph. The delightful aspects of the day were too many to list and they featured throughout – to give you an idea though; the guys had a great place to make their preparations and each of the groomsmen had great individuality about them which made the shoot easy – that and their willingness to pose and “work it” for the camera. The girls were just the same and all gorgeous. All three bridesmaids were Lucy’s sisters which made it all the more personal and fun while they were readying to leave for the ceremony. It was obvious how close Lucy and her whole family are – this really was a special day as I heard in the speeches, later that evening that it’s not often they all get together – prouder parents, I don’t think I have ever seen.

Wedding ceremony inside the Church.

Wedding: Leesa & Ian

timthumb (2)

Leesa and Ian were married a short while ago and came into the studio yesterday to finalise their album which looks amazing. It was great catching up with them both again and it was driven home to me just how special a wedding day is. There is absolutely nothing ordinary about this day and it is up to the couple to make of what they will.

Men in their white apparrels and slippers.

Wedding: Benjy & Michelle

benjy and michelle
Benjy & Michelle were recently married and photographed by Corey on their big day. Judging by the photos they had a fantastic day and by all accounts had plenty of laughs and a great time.

It’s great to see the bridal party dressed for the warm weather we’ve been experiencing this summer – I’ll bet the guys were glad not to be in three piece suits and tie!

Shortly after the wedding we received this message from Michelle:

wedding photography

How To Get Better Wedding Photography Wedding: Lauren & Darren

wedding photography

I thought with this post while featuring some images from the great wedding of Lauren and Darren I’d share some tips to getting the very best photos on your big day. These are things that I cover with all my couples but go such a long way to making the day a success as far as photography goes.

Before I get onto the advice I just have to say how great it was to be a part of this wedding. As you look through the images you will no doubt recognise some familiar faces from the recent wedding of Kirrilee and Phil. These guys are all part of the same amazing group of friends who all know how to party and have a great time. I always get excited when I’m asked to photograph one of this group and Lauren and Darren’s day was no different.

Bride holding a bouquet of flowers with her family.

Wedding: Fiona & Scott

If ever there was a girl that was destined to be the perfect bride it was Fiona! She planned the most beautiful day for herself, Scott, both their families and closest friends which included an intimate ceremony in the tiny Anglican church at Kincumber followed by a beach side reception at Pearls on the Beach, one of the very best restaurants on the Coast.

Both Fiona and Scott made their preparations for the day at The Mantra in Ettalong which provided a great backdrop and lighting for some great images before the ceremony. Neither were too nervous, more excited than anything and Fiona was literally glowing with excitement – it was gorgeous to see.