Bride and groom embracing each other outside the Church.

Wedding: Josh & Kate


It was like a Summer’s day in Spring and as you can see from Noah’s Hotel room, everyone was enjoying the beach weather.

Josh and Kate have been together for a while now and already have their beautiful daughter, Sienna which made their wedding really from the heart; sincere and honest. Sienna played a big part in the day and the wedding was about the three of them, as a family.

Bride and her bridesmaid playing around with their umbrellas.

Coping With A Summer Stinker – on your wedding day.


With so many couples electing to have their weddings in the warmer months, it really is a gamble to get a day with comfortable temperatures for everyone and it’s the humidity that’s the killer. Without our inherent humidity, things wouldn’t be too bad even for the guys in their suits on the warmest of days. It is the humidity though that makes some days a real struggle – and the fact is, humid days are the norm in our region. So, how do you prepare for a stinker of a day?

Bride and groom standing under the bridge.

Wedding: Lauren & Matt

This was one very cool wedding to photograph that featured some beautiful locations, two super families, a rockin’ reception, tears, laughter and a couple that looked simply ‘right’ together. Instead of me going on and on, I decided to ask Lauren to give some details about her amazing day. So, in her words and my images, enjoy the blog post.

Photos of different venues and persons.

News: APPA Awards for Impact


Recently in Sydney, the national and highly coveted awards for photographers known as the APPA’s were hosted by the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP).  Although I didn’t get there in person this year, both Natalie and Ash were there to witness the print  judging in person and to see both Natalie and I receiving awards for our entries.

Groom kisses his bride on the forehead.

Wedding: Pete & Kim

If anyone were to ask me the best time of year for a wedding, I’d pick autumn every time. Why? The colours are amazing, the temperatures are perfect, the days short enough to get the best light for photography and the evenings are cool enough for everyone to enjoy the warmth of a beautiful reception.

Although Pete and Kim didn’t seek my advice for timing, this was not only the season of choice for their wedding but the theme also.

Bride standing outide with her beautiful wedding gown.

Wedding/Portfolio/E-shoot/Practice… ?


This is a tough shoot to categorise as Tara and Jo are actually a couple and are engaged to be married in 2012 so I guess it was an e-session but it doubled as a shoot for Kelly from Kel-Leigh Couture to photograph a couple of her new gowns. I also had the chance to be very selfish and choose the location and style of images to shoot – basically a bit of a play with some new equipment before bringing it out at a real wedding.

Bride standing wearing her white beautiful gown.

Wedding: Sascha & Peter


Wow – this wedding was an absolute knockout!

I had never met Peter and Sascha before their wedding day due to their busy lifestyle and my unavailability on the weekend and this is usually a concern for me as I have to work on building some trust and rapport right from the get go. I needn’t have worried one little bit – what an awesome couple with truly great friends.