A wedding couple standing on the shore.

Living the Dream… No Really, Danielle and Ian are Living the Dream!

Living the dream is a term that gets thrown around a lot. Usually though it’s in regard to to a great day out, sitting by the pool on a resort holiday or even kicking back with a beer on a weekday when everyone else is working. For Danielle and Ian, their wedding on the Northern Beaches earlier this year was the start line for the most amazing holiday/trip/experience… I don’t know what to call it but there’s a

Wedding couple standing at the greeny wide field on sunset.

Peterson House Hunter Valley Wedding with a Twist… Tiana & Ben


How good are weddings that stray a little from the usual – I can’t wait to share all the details. The wedding of Tiana and Ben was a stunning Hunter Valley wedding and one that will stay with me for a long time; not only for its little differences but for the fun, happiness and love that was shared by EVERYONE.

It was a spectacularly awesome day. One of the major differences was

Bride on her wedding dress with lighted bacground.

Light Painting Photography for Your Central Coast Wedding

Central-Coast-Wedding-Light-Painting_004I’ve had a great couple of shoots experimenting with a new technique that we can now happily offer to you if you’d like to have some light painting photography for your Central Coast wedding. Obviously, these images can only be created at night time but will work in just about any location or venue.

The best time for shots like these on your wedding day would be just before

Groom holding her bride on the walkway.

The Pressure and Fun of Shooting a Mates Central Coast Wedding


It’s not often I get to photograph a mates wedding. It sure is fun, extra pressure, but fun for sure. I think the pressure comes from within, certainly not from the couple getting married, Greg and Tahnee in this case, who recently celebrated their Central Coast wedding at Terrigal Haven.

I think the pressure slowly builds as the wedding is something that gets talked about every time we catch up – there is something new, an opinion asked for, an idea to run by me, timetables to discuss… everything revolves around

Bride with her bridesmaid laughing and holding a bouquet of flowers.

A Wedding Photography Testimonial… Before the Wedding

Meeting with couples looking to book their wedding photographer is a totally normal situation for me. It’s something I do every week. One thing I’ve noticed is some couples are totally sure about what they’re after while others have a better idea of what they don’t like.

I care about every couple at every meeting but it’s easy to focus on why the occasional couple doesn’t book. That changed this week after I received

Groom kisses her bride in the forehead at the coastline.

Central Coast Wedding Hair Stylists… all your questions answered


It’s pretty standard for women to have their favourite hairstylist but it would be unusual to expect your usual hair stylist to do your wedding hair if that’s not their speciality.  Weddings require a hair stylists that know exactly what’s involved in forming a hair style that will look fantastic and stand up to the rigours of a very full day and be able to work to a strict time table every time – especially if

Bride and groom embracing on the street.

Wedding Photography… 3 Choices, you can ONLY have 2


I received a question/concern via email from Sam regarding her wedding photography:

“My biggest worry about booking a wedding photographer is price and quality – and finding the right combination between the two.”

In my experience when someone has a question, there’s usually others with the same question on their minds. And, the trouble with choosing a wedding photographer is the choice is so BIG. It seems there are more photographers than any other service when it comes to weddings. You see it at bridal expos, wedding magazine ads, google searches and Facebook! It seems anyone with a camera is a photographer and available for bookings… well almost.

I’ve come up with an answer for Sam

Bride on her wedding gown.

Newcastle Wedding Photography… Sarah and Cory


From what I’ve heard and seen, the Newcastle wedding of Sarah, Cory and Jax was simply gorgeous. Natalie from our Newcastle studio was the lucky photographer that had the chance to share this amazing day. Seeing as I wasn’t there, I contacted Sarah to answer some questions about her day, what worked, what didn’t and some advice for anyone else planning their upcoming wedding in Newcastle.

Bride and groom dancing and laughing at their wedding party.

Beauty and the Beast… wedding dance lessons from a guys perspective (part 1)


In my experience, the bridal waltz falls into one of two categories – the “swayers” and the “dancers” – sure, both can be great: the swayers, lost in their love for each other, the enormity of the day, the release of emotion can be super romantic to witness. The dancers on the other hand are out there revelling in their moment, their day – confident, smooth, fun and exciting to watch.

What if you were a “swayer” and wanted to jump ship to the dancers? Or worse, your partner is already in the dancer category and you’d love to join their ranks on your wedding night? There’s an answer…