Central Coast Roller Derby… Fast, Fun and Tough Chicks

It was all fun and games till one of the girls hit the deck screaming in pain with a twisted look of anguish on her face. I though the leg was broken for sure. The other girls must have too, they immediately stopped with the closest skaters from each team yelling for help.

Last week I didn’t have a clue that Roller Derby existed in Australia, let alone the Central Coast. I was told about it by Sam Woods who mentioned her daughter Jordi competed (or played – I’m not up with the lingo yet). Jordi! was my

A biker on the road.

Cycling: Keira

Keira Pride is a fantastic athlete, someone totally committed to her sport and an inspiration to anyone interested in chasing their dreams. I feel lucky to be able to call her a friend.

I’ve only known Keira for a short time, since she has joined the Central Coast Cycling Club (CCCC) to improve the cycling aspect of her chosen sport – triathalon. Since that time she has improved out of sight and has now been selected to join the Queensland Institute of Sport’s triathlon team as a future prospect for the Olympics.