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Photography Business Exposed – Learn Wedding & Portrait Photography from The Pros

If you’re on this page, chances are you a professional photographer or your considering the option of becoming one. As I’ve stated on the blog before, via Facebook and the number of calls I get in regard to new and upcoming photographers, I’ll always do whatever I can to help.

Chances also are, you probably don’t want to learn everything from me or you feel like you can’t approach an established wedding or portrait photographer for help without coming across the wrong way or worried about rejection. Well, now you

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FREE Central Coast Portrait and Wedding Photography Workshop


I’m hosting a one off workshop for budding photographers at Terrigal Wednesday 19th December 5.30pm and it’s FREE.

The workshop will be an outdoor shoot with a model and you will be shooting! The session is for up coming photographers that have a basic grasp of exposure and camera settings.

What’s the Plan?

The plan is to have a relaxed shoot with instruction where I will cover what ever topics you like. I expect to be talking about

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The Secret To Landing A Job With A Photographer


Are you passionate about photography, have you dreamed of working in the photographic industry – getting paid for something you love to do?

As a photographer for over 10 years and a photography business owner for most of those years, I have seen countless job applications through the mail, email, on disc and the phone – most of which I felt like throwing straight in the bin. It was plain to see that the applicants had put little thought into their approach, delivery technique or attention grabbing strategies.

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Photography Advice: Back Up or Lose It

My boys have returned to school for the year, I’m just back from holidays and downloading some images from the break and feel compelled to add a new post. You see, during the holidays, we had some great family times as no doubt you did and we captured a few of those moments with the camera. We also had a visit from Linda’s Aunty Marina from Scotland – this was her first and very likely to be her only trip to Australia. Of course I grabbed a few photos to relive some of the times we all spent together.