Central Coast Model Portfolio Photography. A couple at the coast. While the woman sitting.

Kass and Beau – Model Portfolio Photography

Talk about freezing! This was not a good day for a portfolio photography shoot where we were hoping to go for a “summery” feel. Kass was looking to add to her portfolio and as an an experienced model wanted to introduce her boyfriend Beau to the idea.

With the date and time locked in and busy schedules, there was no choice but to go ahead with the shoot at the Newcastle Baths. Lucky for Kass and Beau, this wasn’t a swim suit shoot which was also happening at the same time and location. And who says modelling isn’t a tough job!

As a first try at this modelling gig, Beau did

Japan Skiing 2014 – Yubokumin, Hirafu Niseko

January 2014 my son Matthew, brother Simon and his mate Shaun and I, set off to ski Japan and opted to stay with a Japanese family in the Pension Yubokumin in Hirafu Niseko on the Island of Hokkaido. Below is a recap of our trip in photos.

All photos taken with one camera/lens combo; a fixed 35mm lens on the Fuji X100s and freezing cold hands!

If you’d like to check out more of the Japan ski holiday, there’s a bunch of other photos on my Instagram feed: http://instagram.com/andrew_hellmich


Love This! Morning Swim is More Than Just Good Memories


“Holy freakin’ s@#t, it’s cold!” I was yelling inside my head while tip toeing from the steps into the ocean pool. Mum and Dad were in earshot and I wanted them to stay proud while pointing my way to their swimming friends – “Yes, that’s our eldest son, Andrew,” they boasted, “he’s visiting.”

I’m unsure whether it’s the same for girls as it is boys when entering cold water. For boys, there comes a point as the cold water travels slowly up the thigh when it’s do or die. It’s either get in or get out because entering slowly just prolongs the anxiety of cold, retreating tackle.

Anyway… I made it all the way in, finished two laps and told dad I’m


Central Coast Roller Derby… Fast, Fun and Tough Chicks

It was all fun and games till one of the girls hit the deck screaming in pain with a twisted look of anguish on her face. I though the leg was broken for sure. The other girls must have too, they immediately stopped with the closest skaters from each team yelling for help.

Last week I didn’t have a clue that Roller Derby existed in Australia, let alone the Central Coast. I was told about it by Sam Woods who mentioned her daughter Jordi competed (or played – I’m not up with the lingo yet). Jordi! was my

Bride on her wedding dress with lighted bacground.

Light Painting Photography for Your Central Coast Wedding

Central-Coast-Wedding-Light-Painting_004I’ve had a great couple of shoots experimenting with a new technique that we can now happily offer to you if you’d like to have some light painting photography for your Central Coast wedding. Obviously, these images can only be created at night time but will work in just about any location or venue.

The best time for shots like these on your wedding day would be just before

A biker standing over a hill.

A Self Indulgent Blog Post


Yes, it’s been a while between posts, for good reason. I’ve been in France to see the Tour and it was bloody fantastic!

It’s been very difficult getting back into the swing of things but that’s about to change.

I’ve been hearing and getting lots of comments about the advice section of this blog and you’ll be happy to know I have plenty more great information and interviews to come in future posts. You do know that you can get all the information in one spot right now (past and unpublished future material) at the Your Wedding Made Easy website. If you aren’t aware, I wrote a book to cover everything you need to know about booking every service for your wedding.

Bride standing outide with her beautiful wedding gown.

Wedding/Portfolio/E-shoot/Practice… ?


This is a tough shoot to categorise as Tara and Jo are actually a couple and are engaged to be married in 2012 so I guess it was an e-session but it doubled as a shoot for Kelly from Kel-Leigh Couture to photograph a couple of her new gowns. I also had the chance to be very selfish and choose the location and style of images to shoot – basically a bit of a play with some new equipment before bringing it out at a real wedding.

Its snowing! A man is skiing alone.

Personal: Skiing Japan

Japan__042I was lucky enough to experience skiing in Japan earlier this year with my youngest brother Simon and four good mates. This was my first ever trip to Japan and although we didn’t see much apart one very small part of the country on the northern island of Hokkaido I saw enough to know just how lovely the Japanese are, ever willing to please and help with any request, they are gentle, easily approachable, ever so polite, have great food, are proud and welcoming.

Bikers on the road.

Personal: France 2010


I happened to have a little time yesterday to finally start the massive task of sorting through the photos from my trip to France in July. The reason it is such a massive task is that I’m sorting my images plus those of 11 mates and trying to put them in some type of order for a DVD and a coffee table book of the trip.