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Worlds Greatest Shave, A Proud Moment For Me

Last week my son Matthew made me very proud. He often does. Last week was special though.

He wasn’t the only one either. Family, friends, aquaintences and strangers even; all helped Mattie to make me proud.

Last week was the Worlds Greatest Shave. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a fundraiser for leukaemia, for research to find a cure. To participate, fundraisers make a promise to either colour or shave their hair.

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Wedding Services Back in the News – Don’t Get Ripped Off


Last month, a media release on weddings was released by the Department of Fair Trading and included both warning and tips for engaged couples. The warnings were about paying too much, getting ripped off and tips on how you can avoid it happening to you. The article also talks about the high number of wedding related complaints.

I read the media release and had to re-read it to make sure they weren’t simply trying to generate some media attention for their media release. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what I make out to be a total contradiction from one half of the article to the next. Truth be told, I believe the whole thing is a joke.

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FREE Central Coast Portrait and Wedding Photography Workshop


I’m hosting a one off workshop for budding photographers at Terrigal Wednesday 19th December 5.30pm and it’s FREE.

The workshop will be an outdoor shoot with a model and you will be shooting! The session is for up coming photographers that have a basic grasp of exposure and camera settings.

What’s the Plan?

The plan is to have a relaxed shoot with instruction where I will cover what ever topics you like. I expect to be talking about

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A Self Indulgent Blog Post


Yes, it’s been a while between posts, for good reason. I’ve been in France to see the Tour and it was bloody fantastic!

It’s been very difficult getting back into the swing of things but that’s about to change.

I’ve been hearing and getting lots of comments about the advice section of this blog and you’ll be happy to know I have plenty more great information and interviews to come in future posts. You do know that you can get all the information in one spot right now (past and unpublished future material) at the Your Wedding Made Easy website. If you aren’t aware, I wrote a book to cover everything you need to know about booking every service for your wedding.

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My Testimonial… for Andrew at SilverDimension


I know it isn’t the norm to be writing testimonials for other companies (especially when they aren’t wedding or portrait photography related) on our blog but I just feel this is warranted.

Recently, we have made some BIG changes with our website, email and other web related projects. You may have noticed the new website but probably didn’t have an idea about all the other things happening behind the scenes and that’s for one reason only – Andrew from SilverDimension.

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News: APPA Awards for Impact


Recently in Sydney, the national and highly coveted awards for photographers known as the APPA’s were hosted by the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP).  Although I didn’t get there in person this year, both Natalie and Ash were there to witness the print  judging in person and to see both Natalie and I receiving awards for our entries.

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News: A Cover with Impact

Each year, the staff from Newcastle Central Coast Wedding Magazine go in search of a cover image that will grab attention amongst the great choice on the newsagents stands. This request goes out to all photographers and for the 2nd time in recent years a photo taken by Impact Images was chosen for this annual edition.

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More awards for Impact Images!

Andrew-AwardsAfter not entering any award for a couple of year now, Linda and Jemima were adamant that I submit something this year into the Australian Institute of Photography (AIPP) award that were held last week. In the past I have often photographed specifically for the awards but this year I went through what I had stored on the computer from the last series of weddings I had photographed looking for Images that may score well in the awards.