Love this! My Boys and Roxy Girl



Do you know a plumber with a leaking tap, a builder with an incomplete house or a painter with unfinished walls? I think I fit into that category as a photographer without enough photos of my kids. Especially so as they’ve reached their teenage years and it’s just not “cool” to have your photo taken by your dad.

Sure it’s fine if they’re snap chatting, posting to “insti” or Facebooking but it’s a whole different story if


Love This! Morning Swim is More Than Just Good Memories


“Holy freakin’ s@#t, it’s cold!” I was yelling inside my head while tip toeing from the steps into the ocean pool. Mum and Dad were in earshot and I wanted them to stay proud while pointing my way to their swimming friends – “Yes, that’s our eldest son, Andrew,” they boasted, “he’s visiting.”

I’m unsure whether it’s the same for girls as it is boys when entering cold water. For boys, there comes a point as the cold water travels slowly up the thigh when it’s do or die. It’s either get in or get out because entering slowly just prolongs the anxiety of cold, retreating tackle.

Anyway… I made it all the way in, finished two laps and told dad I’m