Parents watching on their kids playing on the water.

Portrait Photography Advice: Studio or Outdoor Shoot


One of the main question we are asked when families, usually mums, are booking a family portrait session is whether they should go for a studio or an outdoor session. Our answer at the studio: it depends.

The first thing we need to know before helping with the choice is the age of the youngest child in the family. If that little family member isn’t able to sit up on their own then a studio shoot is usually the best choice otherwise they spend most of their time with a face in the sand, water, grass or a blanket while the older kids are having a great old time in the outdoors – not really fair or conducive to a good family photo.

A woman carrying his black dog.

Photography Advice: Back Up or Lose It

My boys have returned to school for the year, I’m just back from holidays and downloading some images from the break and feel compelled to add a new post. You see, during the holidays, we had some great family times as no doubt you did and we captured a few of those moments with the camera. We also had a visit from Linda’s Aunty Marina from Scotland – this was her first and very likely to be her only trip to Australia. Of course I grabbed a few photos to relive some of the times we all spent together.