Love This! Morning Swim is More Than Just Good Memories


“Holy freakin’ s@#t, it’s cold!” I was yelling inside my head while tip toeing from the steps into the ocean pool. Mum and Dad were in earshot and I wanted them to stay proud while pointing my way to their swimming friends – “Yes, that’s our eldest son, Andrew,” they boasted, “he’s visiting.”

I’m unsure whether it’s the same for girls as it is boys when entering cold water. For boys, there comes a point as the cold water travels slowly up the thigh when it’s do or die. It’s either get in or get out because entering slowly just prolongs the anxiety of cold, retreating tackle.

Anyway… I made it all the way in, finished two laps and told dad I’m

A woman in her black swimsuit swimming.

My Mum & My Dad


This morning I had the pleasure of joining my Mum and Dad for their early swim at Mona Vale baths – something they religiously do each day and I’m so glad I had my camera with me.  I’m pretty sure this is where they are both at their happiest and I was there to record a little of that happiness.

A baby lying on a red bed.

Newcastle Babies and Kids

Impact Images Newcastle is running a special offer with BUBs baby store at the Rutherford Super Centre – spend in store to receive a photography gift certificate.

The certificate entitles you to a photo session for your precious little ones or the whole family, plus a professionally printed enlargement. We have been overwhelmed by the response and its wonderful to be meeting so many local families.

A happy family playing together at the sand.

Portrait: Lynette, Nathan & Girls

This was a beautiful portrait shoot with a beautiful family. I’m not going to add much more but hope you enjoy the photos. The image at the top of the post is now framed and hanging in their home and I am 100% certain that anytime the family or any of Nathan and Lynette’s friends see it, they won’t be able to hold back a smile. How can you not be drawn into the happiness these images show.

Many bikers on the street.

Family: Good Times in Adelaide

I was sorting and cataloguing some images when I came across a few photos that I wanted to share. I am always going on about how important photos are and the amount of joy that images, especially of our loved ones can bring. Below are a few of these special photos to me – photos that instantly bring a smile to my face and literally warm me from the inside.

A baby is smiing.

Portraits: Now is the time (part 2)

As I posted last week, portraits are just so valuable and cherished by anyone that takes the simple step of actually booking a shoot. Here are a few more examples from recent shoots both studio and outdoors – all of which are bringing warmth and smiles to families around the Coast. Do yourself a favour and book in your very own portrait session and capture some beautiful images of a time that you will never get back again.