Bride and groom holding hands walking on the sand.

Will an Engagement Shoot Improve Your Wedding Photos?


Firstly, in answer to the article heading – yes and no.

The advice I give to my couples on whether or not to have an engagement shoot depend on a few things.

  1. Were both the bride and groom at the wedding photography booking appointment?
  2. Are either of you worried or nervous about having your photo taken?
  3. Have you only ever had bad photos taken of yourself and are worried about not getting good photos?

To tackle these points, it’s important to understand that great wedding photos (or any portraits for that matter) will depend on

Bride standing outide with her beautiful wedding gown.

Wedding/Portfolio/E-shoot/Practice… ?


This is a tough shoot to categorise as Tara and Jo are actually a couple and are engaged to be married in 2012 so I guess it was an e-session but it doubled as a shoot for Kelly from Kel-Leigh Couture to photograph a couple of her new gowns. I also had the chance to be very selfish and choose the location and style of images to shoot – basically a bit of a play with some new equipment before bringing it out at a real wedding.

A man carrying her woman at the back.

Engagement Shoot, E-Shoot, E-Session – what are they?

E Session, engagement shoot, pre wedding shoot, are all just different names for the same thing; a chance to get some great images before your wedding day but there can be more to the shoot than meets the eye.

I can’t remember the number of times that I have raised my camera to have couples and mainly the guys (who have been dragged to the shoot) say  “I hate having my photo taken.” If this is you or your partner, read on, as the best thing before your wedding day could be an e-shoot.