A baby lying on a red bed.

Newcastle Babies and Kids

Impact Images Newcastle is running a special offer with BUBs baby store at the Rutherford Super Centre – spend in store to receive a photography gift certificate.

The certificate entitles you to a photo session for your precious little ones or the whole family, plus a professionally printed enlargement. We have been overwhelmed by the response and its wonderful to be meeting so many local families.

A baby is smiing.

Portraits: Now is the time (part 2)

As I posted last week, portraits are just so valuable and cherished by anyone that takes the simple step of actually booking a shoot. Here are a few more examples from recent shoots both studio and outdoors – all of which are bringing warmth and smiles to families around the Coast. Do yourself a favour and book in your very own portrait session and capture some beautiful images of a time that you will never get back again.

Parents watching on their kids playing on the water.

Portrait Photography Advice: Studio or Outdoor Shoot


One of the main question we are asked when families, usually mums, are booking a family portrait session is whether they should go for a studio or an outdoor session. Our answer at the studio: it depends.

The first thing we need to know before helping with the choice is the age of the youngest child in the family. If that little family member isn’t able to sit up on their own then a studio shoot is usually the best choice otherwise they spend most of their time with a face in the sand, water, grass or a blanket while the older kids are having a great old time in the outdoors – not really fair or conducive to a good family photo.