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Wedding Photography and Back ups… is your wedding photographer responsible?


Hi everyone!

I just thought I would share this information for any other couples who have experienced this nightmare!

Our wedding photographer accidentally deleted our wedding photos, we have been absolutely devastated. We had such a perfect wedding and I designed the wedding specifically for the “LOOK”.. and it was ours and 6 other couples who lost their photos at the same time. WORST NIGHTMARE!

Four months later and we were still trying to recover them, thinking it was not possible. All the photos were on an external hard drive that had been accidentally reformatted.. 


How scary is that? How do you avoid this happening to you?

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Central Coast Wedding Celebrants… all your questions answered


Your wedding celebrant isn’t simply someone that performs a legal ceremony which ends in you being married. If you believe that the wedding ceremony is the central focus of your day, as I do, it’s important to know how much of a difference a good celebrant can make to not only the wedding ceremony but the whole day – believe me, I’ve seen a few doosies! Want to avoid having your ceremony fall into that category? Read, listen and watch…

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Central Coast Wedding Cakes… all your questions answered


When I think wedding cakes, I think Julie from the Sweetest Thing. It may be because she has a shop front in Terrigal Crowne Plaza, that I pass on an almost daily basis. It might be the fact that I see more of her cakes at the weddings I photograph (something that all Central Coast wedding photographers will attest to). It may be that I met Julie when I started my career in wedding photography… which means she’s been making cakes for some time. Or, it just may be, she’s a fun, bubbly, excited and knows her stuff when it comes to wedding cakes!

Fruit cake is so not in at the moment. It hasn’t been for a while and probably never will be again. Julie from The Sweetest Thing

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Central Coast Wedding Florists… all your questions answered

The first in a series of video help for any future bride planning a Central Coast Wedding is finally here and features Tanya from Angel Blooms, one of the most respected and talented florists who services weddings on the Central Coast, Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.

The ‘concept’ behind the series is to give you, the bride to be, all the answers you need before even making contact with a service. I approach each interview as a total novice when it comes to ‘my’ wedding and ask all the questions hopefully on your mind, including the big one – COST.

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Coping With A Summer Stinker – on your wedding day.


With so many couples electing to have their weddings in the warmer months, it really is a gamble to get a day with comfortable temperatures for everyone and it’s the humidity that’s the killer. Without our inherent humidity, things wouldn’t be too bad even for the guys in their suits on the warmest of days. It is the humidity though that makes some days a real struggle – and the fact is, humid days are the norm in our region. So, how do you prepare for a stinker of a day?

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Portrait Photography Advice: Studio or Outdoor Shoot


One of the main question we are asked when families, usually mums, are booking a family portrait session is whether they should go for a studio or an outdoor session. Our answer at the studio: it depends.

The first thing we need to know before helping with the choice is the age of the youngest child in the family. If that little family member isn’t able to sit up on their own then a studio shoot is usually the best choice otherwise they spend most of their time with a face in the sand, water, grass or a blanket while the older kids are having a great old time in the outdoors – not really fair or conducive to a good family photo.