Reef Restaurant Wedding Reception

The Reef Restaurant at Terrigal Haven – a great option for your wedding reception

Reef Restaurant Wedding Reception

The Reef Restaurant at Terrigal Haven is the classiest venue for a wedding reception at Terrigal Haven and a great option for your wedding reception. Situated immediately above the beach, you and your guests will be seated 3 stories above the water and have more than 180 degree panoramic views of the ocean, headlands and Terrigal through a series of bi-fold windows that run the entire length of the restaurant.

If your wedding falls on a warm day, the staff are more than happy to

terrigal haven wedding photography. A man pointing at the sea while standing.

Terrigal Haven Wedding Photography – After the Ceremony (Secret Spot)

This little spot is one of the least well known and under utilised, hence the name of this post Terrigal Haven Wedding Photography “Secret Spot”. It’s not really a secret but does offer some fantastic options for a creative wedding photographer.

Once down on the rock platform, it’s flat and easy to get around, it’s secluded from both the wind and onlookers in what is a rarely visited spot by

Terrigal Haven Wedding Ceremony - Broken Head. A man on the seashore. While lifting his two hands.

Terrigal Haven Wedding Ceremony – Broken Head

Broken Head is one of the best location to hold a wedding ceremony at Terrigal Haven because of the privacy it offers with it’s natural amphitheatre shape… not to mention the amazing backdrop of uninterrupted ocean views.

Although the name “Broken Head” is difficult to find on maps of the local area, that’s the name you will need when booking this location for your wedding ceremony with

Terrigal Haven Weddings - The Haven Beach Cafe

Terrigal Haven Weddings – The Haven Beach Cafe

The Haven Beach Cafe is one place that could easily be overlooked for a wedding reception venue but it may be perfectly suited if you’re planning a smaller intimate wedding. The venue is literally above the water with views back to the town centre of Terrigal which will be lit up during an evening reception.

Before the sun sets, you and your wedding guests will have

terrigal haven platform no 2

Terrigal Haven Platform No 2 for Your Wedding Ceremony

Platform No. 2 at Terrigal Haven is one of the recently landscaped viewing areas or decks around the Haven and is perfectly suited to an outdoor wedding ceremony with its spectacular ocean views.

Although the deck itself isn’t huge, there is ample space around the deck for around 100 guests as long as your wedding celebrant has a loud voice or good PA system.

The biggest problem for a

Groom kisses her bride in the forehead at the coastline.

Central Coast Wedding Hair Stylists… all your questions answered


It’s pretty standard for women to have their favourite hairstylist but it would be unusual to expect your usual hair stylist to do your wedding hair if that’s not their speciality.  Weddings require a hair stylists that know exactly what’s involved in forming a hair style that will look fantastic and stand up to the rigours of a very full day and be able to work to a strict time table every time – especially if

Bride and groom embracing on the street.

Wedding Photography… 3 Choices, you can ONLY have 2


I received a question/concern via email from Sam regarding her wedding photography:

“My biggest worry about booking a wedding photographer is price and quality – and finding the right combination between the two.”

In my experience when someone has a question, there’s usually others with the same question on their minds. And, the trouble with choosing a wedding photographer is the choice is so BIG. It seems there are more photographers than any other service when it comes to weddings. You see it at bridal expos, wedding magazine ads, google searches and Facebook! It seems anyone with a camera is a photographer and available for bookings… well almost.

I’ve come up with an answer for Sam

Bride and groom dancing and laughing at their wedding party.

Beauty and the Beast… wedding dance lessons from a guys perspective (part 1)


In my experience, the bridal waltz falls into one of two categories – the “swayers” and the “dancers” – sure, both can be great: the swayers, lost in their love for each other, the enormity of the day, the release of emotion can be super romantic to witness. The dancers on the other hand are out there revelling in their moment, their day – confident, smooth, fun and exciting to watch.

What if you were a “swayer” and wanted to jump ship to the dancers? Or worse, your partner is already in the dancer category and you’d love to join their ranks on your wedding night? There’s an answer…

Bride and groom holding hands walking on the sand.

Will an Engagement Shoot Improve Your Wedding Photos?


Firstly, in answer to the article heading – yes and no.

The advice I give to my couples on whether or not to have an engagement shoot depend on a few things.

  1. Were both the bride and groom at the wedding photography booking appointment?
  2. Are either of you worried or nervous about having your photo taken?
  3. Have you only ever had bad photos taken of yourself and are worried about not getting good photos?

To tackle these points, it’s important to understand that great wedding photos (or any portraits for that matter) will depend on

Bride on her wedding gown standing on the wall.

Central Coast Wedding and Event Decorators… all your questions answered


Wedding and Event decorators are the special people that transform your wedding from the ordinary to the extraordinary with style, flair, colour co-ordination and talent that usually leaves guests open mouthed as they enter wedding reception venues.

One of the very best teams I have witnessed in action are the women who head up GG Events, based at Tuggerah on the Central Coast.

A woman wearing her white dress standing at the sand.

Central Coast Wedding Gowns and Couture… all your questions answered


Choosing a wedding gown will be one of the biggest and most exciting decisions you’ll ever make. I’ve known brides that have had their wedding planned and gown chosen from their early teens to others that simply fall in love with the first dress they try on. Then there are the girls that simply can’t make up their mind. No matter which category you think you’ll fit into, you’ll want to hear what Kel from Kel-Leigh Couture has to say on the subject.