My Testimonial… for Andrew at SilverDimension


I know it isn’t the norm to be writing testimonials for other companies (especially when they aren’t wedding or portrait photography related) on our blog but I just feel this is warranted.

Recently, we have made some BIG changes with our website, email and other web related projects. You may have noticed the new website but probably didn’t have an idea about all the other things happening behind the scenes and that’s for one reason only – Andrew from SilverDimension.


Introducing Lisa… welcome to Impact Images Newcastle!


Well things are certainly on the move at Impact Images Newcastle as we introduce and welcome another fantastic member to our awesome team… Lisa.

Lisa has a varied role in the studio based around admin, assisting Natalie and looking after our beautiful portrait clients. Here’s a little background so you know who you are talking to the next time you call in or make contact with the very best wedding and portrait photography studio in Newcastle.


Central Coast Wedding Cakes… all your questions answered


When I think wedding cakes, I think Julie from the Sweetest Thing. It may be because she has a shop front in Terrigal Crowne Plaza, that I pass on an almost daily basis. It might be the fact that I see more of her cakes at the weddings I photograph (something that all Central Coast wedding photographers will attest to). It may be that I met Julie when I started my career in wedding photography… which means she’s been making cakes for some time. Or, it just may be, she’s a fun, bubbly, excited and knows her stuff when it comes to wedding cakes!

Fruit cake is so not in at the moment. It hasn’t been for a while and probably never will be again. Julie from The Sweetest Thing


Top 9 Back Up Options for a Wet Wedding Ceremony

When speaking to couples, brides in particular, I find their greatest concern about their wedding day is rain! Especially when they are planning an outdoor ceremony.

Obviously, you can’t control the weather but you can take some steps to reduce your anxiety and stress about a wet wedding day. In this 10 minute video, I share 9 different back up options to consider if it rains on your day.


Central Coast Wedding Florist : Tanya from Angel Blooms : Interview Transcript

DSC56781The complete video interview for this transcript can be found here.

In this interview, Andrew from Impact Images takes on the role of a prospective bride looking to book Tanya from Angel Bloom Florist for his wedding. Andrew asks all the questions any bride would ask before making a booking including how to choose the right florist, the best height for table decorations at a reception, what colours to choose, who gets the button hole flowers, the best way to choose the right bouquet and the all important one – cost.


Central Coast Wedding Florists… all your questions answered

The first in a series of video help for any future bride planning a Central Coast Wedding is finally here and features Tanya from Angel Blooms, one of the most respected and talented florists who services weddings on the Central Coast, Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.

The ‘concept’ behind the series is to give you, the bride to be, all the answers you need before even making contact with a service. I approach each interview as a total novice when it comes to ‘my’ wedding and ask all the questions hopefully on your mind, including the big one – COST.


Central Coast Wedding Professionals… everything you need to know, everything!

I’ve been photographing weddings for a long time and take many wedding services for granted. I know there will be a gown, a cake, make-up, flowers and decorations. Every wedding has all of these. I see them every week.

Sure, I check with my brides which supplier they have for what and often recommend businesses that I am 100% sure will deliver when requested. Suppliers and professionals that will go above and beyond.


Newcastle Baths and a Cathedral Wedding for Jacqui and Wade


Firstly, I must apologise for my slackness in blog posts lately. As the silly season slowly subsides and we get back into wedding mode here at Newcastle, I promise I will find more time to post lots of fresh work for you to see.

The Summer wedding season has kicked off with lots of Newcastle weddings, which I am loving (it’s very muggy in the vineyards this time of year) and has seen me shooting at Newcastle’s famed locations such as the Newcastle Baths and Christchurch Cathedral.