Central Coast Wedding Celebrants… all your questions answered


Your wedding celebrant isn’t simply someone that performs a legal ceremony which ends in you being married. If you believe that the wedding ceremony is the central focus of your day, as I do, it’s important to know how much of a difference a good celebrant can make to not only the wedding ceremony but the whole day – believe me, I’ve seen a few doosies! Want to avoid having your ceremony fall into that category? Read, listen and watch…


Stocklands, Bay Village… Central Coast commercial photography


Why are we featuring a shopping catalogue from Bay Village on our blog?  Because we photographed it all (well, 99% of it)! That’s not the only reason. It’s exciting because the whole shebang was completed by local businesses and service providers from the Central Coast.

Often with larger corporations like Stocklands, the larger jobs will be handed off to Sydney firms in the belief they are able to handle this type of work more effectively – how untrue.