Newcastle Wedding Photography… Sarah and Cory


From what I’ve heard and seen, the Newcastle wedding of Sarah, Cory and Jax was simply gorgeous. Natalie from our Newcastle studio was the lucky photographer that had the chance to share this amazing day. Seeing as I wasn’t there, I contacted Sarah to answer some questions about her day, what worked, what didn’t and some advice for anyone else planning their upcoming wedding in Newcastle.


Central Coast Commercial Photography… solutions for a difficult situation


Commercial photography always has its challenges, especially when photographing a busy team of people that are rarely available at the same time and place. Trying to coordinate the staff can be impractical or very expensive when dealing with busy professionals like solicitors. Often the solution is multiple photography sessions which can add up in price and drawn out. We have found the solution


Beauty and the Beast… wedding dance lessons from a guys perspective (part 1)


In my experience, the bridal waltz falls into one of two categories – the “swayers” and the “dancers” – sure, both can be great: the swayers, lost in their love for each other, the enormity of the day, the release of emotion can be super romantic to witness. The dancers on the other hand are out there revelling in their moment, their day – confident, smooth, fun and exciting to watch.

What if you were a “swayer” and wanted to jump ship to the dancers? Or worse, your partner is already in the dancer category and you’d love to join their ranks on your wedding night? There’s an answer…


Pay Less For the Best Central Coast Wedding Photographers


You might already know about the Your Wedding Made Easy – Wedding Discount Card but you may not be aware that with the wedding card you save $200 when you book Impact Images for your wedding photography.

I’ve made no secret about the card or that we accept the card, along with heaps of the very best wedding service providers on the Central Coast. What I am amazed at though, is that many couples are


Will an Engagement Shoot Improve Your Wedding Photos?


Firstly, in answer to the article heading – yes and no.

The advice I give to my couples on whether or not to have an engagement shoot depend on a few things.

  1. Were both the bride and groom at the wedding photography booking appointment?
  2. Are either of you worried or nervous about having your photo taken?
  3. Have you only ever had bad photos taken of yourself and are worried about not getting good photos?

To tackle these points, it’s important to understand that great wedding photos (or any portraits for that matter) will depend on


The Secret To Landing A Job With A Photographer


Are you passionate about photography, have you dreamed of working in the photographic industry – getting paid for something you love to do?

As a photographer for over 10 years and a photography business owner for most of those years, I have seen countless job applications through the mail, email, on disc and the phone – most of which I felt like throwing straight in the bin. It was plain to see that the applicants had put little thought into their approach, delivery technique or attention grabbing strategies.


A Self Indulgent Blog Post


Yes, it’s been a while between posts, for good reason. I’ve been in France to see the Tour and it was bloody fantastic!

It’s been very difficult getting back into the swing of things but that’s about to change.

I’ve been hearing and getting lots of comments about the advice section of this blog and you’ll be happy to know I have plenty more great information and interviews to come in future posts. You do know that you can get all the information in one spot right now (past and unpublished future material) at the Your Wedding Made Easy website. If you aren’t aware, I wrote a book to cover everything you need to know about booking every service for your wedding.


Central Coast Wedding Gowns and Couture… all your questions answered


Choosing a wedding gown will be one of the biggest and most exciting decisions you’ll ever make. I’ve known brides that have had their wedding planned and gown chosen from their early teens to others that simply fall in love with the first dress they try on. Then there are the girls that simply can’t make up their mind. No matter which category you think you’ll fit into, you’ll want to hear what Kel from Kel-Leigh Couture has to say on the subject.



Wedding Photography and Back ups… is your wedding photographer responsible?


Hi everyone!

I just thought I would share this information for any other couples who have experienced this nightmare!

Our wedding photographer accidentally deleted our wedding photos, we have been absolutely devastated. We had such a perfect wedding and I designed the wedding specifically for the “LOOK”.. and it was ours and 6 other couples who lost their photos at the same time. WORST NIGHTMARE!

Four months later and we were still trying to recover them, thinking it was not possible. All the photos were on an external hard drive that had been accidentally reformatted.. 


How scary is that? How do you avoid this happening to you?


Wedding Music… all your questions answered

Click on the audio player below to listen to Natalie’s interview with Simon from XYDJ’s or the video player to see the interview.

Central Coast Wedding Restaurant Venues… all your questions answered

Click on the video player below to see my interview with Selena from Reef Restaurant.

Honeymoon Holidays… after a Central Coast wedding

travel managers
Click on the player below to listen to my interview with Jodi from Travel Managers.

Central Coast Wedding Marquees… all your questions answered

Click on the player below to listen to my interview with Matthew from The Party Hire Co.