Worlds Greatest Shave, A Proud Moment For Me

Last week my son Matthew made me very proud. He often does. Last week was special though.

He wasn’t the only one either. Family, friends, aquaintences and strangers even; all helped Mattie to make me proud.

Last week was the Worlds Greatest Shave. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a fundraiser for leukaemia, for research to find a cure. To participate, fundraisers make a promise to either colour or shave their hair.


Wedding Services Back in the News – Don’t Get Ripped Off


Last month, a media release on weddings was released by the Department of Fair Trading and included both warning and tips for engaged couples. The warnings were about paying too much, getting ripped off and tips on how you can avoid it happening to you. The article also talks about the high number of wedding related complaints.

I read the media release and had to re-read it to make sure they weren’t simply trying to generate some media attention for their media release. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what I make out to be a total contradiction from one half of the article to the next. Truth be told, I believe the whole thing is a joke.


Central Coast Wedding Hair Stylists… all your questions answered


It’s pretty standard for women to have their favourite hairstylist but it would be unusual to expect your usual hair stylist to do your wedding hair if that’s not their speciality.  Weddings require a hair stylists that know exactly what’s involved in forming a hair style that will look fantastic and stand up to the rigours of a very full day and be able to work to a strict time table every time – especially if


Gym Junkie, a Central Coast Pin Up Style Model Portfolio Shoot


The following article is a guest post by Carolyn who recently experienced a portfolio photography session after reaching her amazing fitness goals. From the first phone call it was evident this was going to be a great and fun shoot – Carolyn had very specific ideas in regard to style of images, fashion and photography locations or sets for each of the looks she was after.

There is much more to the story than the photography session, here’s Carolyn to fill you in on her journey.

Everyone needs something to motivate them and a goal to achieve. After all that’s what life is about…

For me, being a busy working Mum with three kids, getting fit was always going to be a


A Tricky Central Coast Commercial Photography Shoot


At Impact Images, we shoot plenty of Central Coast commercial photography jobs – from people to products for websites and print media. Most shoots involve the client coming to us with a brief and with a little consultation we book a time and do the shoot. The recent shoot for Ron Coleman of Coleman Real Estate in Toukley caught me a little by surprise.

The brief was pretty straight forward – we need photos of our team for website and print… nothing new here. I was shown a website that had images I was to take inspiration from. Still good and pretty standard except that the staff images on the website had a


News: Impact Images made the Paper!


Last Friday, Linda and I were featured in the Central Coast Express Newspaper. Not so much for Impact Images, more for the fact that Linda and I are a husband and wife team that live and work together. We’ve been almost inseparable since the end of high school. The only time we seem to be apart these days is the occasional 


FREE Central Coast Portrait and Wedding Photography Workshop


I’m hosting a one off workshop for budding photographers at Terrigal Wednesday 19th December 5.30pm and it’s FREE.

The workshop will be an outdoor shoot with a model and you will be shooting! The session is for up coming photographers that have a basic grasp of exposure and camera settings.

What’s the Plan?

The plan is to have a relaxed shoot with instruction where I will cover what ever topics you like. I expect to be talking about


Wedding Photography… 3 Choices, you can ONLY have 2


I received a question/concern via email from Sam regarding her wedding photography:

“My biggest worry about booking a wedding photographer is price and quality – and finding the right combination between the two.”

In my experience when someone has a question, there’s usually others with the same question on their minds. And, the trouble with choosing a wedding photographer is the choice is so BIG. It seems there are more photographers than any other service when it comes to weddings. You see it at bridal expos, wedding magazine ads, google searches and Facebook! It seems anyone with a camera is a photographer and available for bookings… well almost.

I’ve come up with an answer for Sam


Better Portrait Photography: Eye Level is The Key

As a photographer, I’m always asked for tips and advice on how to take better photos – it happens mostly at wedding receptions where there is always a budding photographer or two. The funny thing is, most of these conversations revolve around the camera equipment I’m using. Funny because cameras and equipment make little difference to