Love This! Morning Swim is More Than Just Good Memories


“Holy freakin’ s@#t, it’s cold!” I was yelling inside my head while tip toeing from the steps into the ocean pool. Mum and Dad were in earshot and I wanted them to stay proud while pointing my way to their swimming friends – “Yes, that’s our eldest son, Andrew,” they boasted, “he’s visiting.”

I’m unsure whether it’s the same for girls as it is boys when entering cold water. For boys, there comes a point as the cold water travels slowly up the thigh when it’s do or die. It’s either get in or get out because entering slowly just prolongs the anxiety of cold, retreating tackle.

Anyway… I made it all the way in, finished two laps and told dad I’m


The Pilot Marries the Doctor, a Romantic Central Coast Wedding

If ever there was a romantic way to describe a wedding day or imagine the courtship of two people, it has to be: the pilot marries the doctor. Just saying it out loud feels like scene from a hollywood movie.  Although it’s been a little while since their wedding, I just had to share this perfect day on the blog.

What made it the perfect day? There were a lot of things; the laughter, friends and family, the locations, the gorgeous guests, an amazing gown but none of these are really what makes one wedding more perfect than another. What made this day perfect was the little hand squeezes between Luke and Chantelle, the quick glances and


Central Coast Roller Derby… Fast, Fun and Tough Chicks

It was all fun and games till one of the girls hit the deck screaming in pain with a twisted look of anguish on her face. I though the leg was broken for sure. The other girls must have too, they immediately stopped with the closest skaters from each team yelling for help.

Last week I didn’t have a clue that Roller Derby existed in Australia, let alone the Central Coast. I was told about it by Sam Woods who mentioned her daughter Jordi competed (or played – I’m not up with the lingo yet). Jordi! was my


Living the Dream… No Really, Danielle and Ian are Living the Dream!

Living the dream is a term that gets thrown around a lot. Usually though it’s in regard to to a great day out, sitting by the pool on a resort holiday or even kicking back with a beer on a weekday when everyone else is working. For Danielle and Ian, their wedding on the Northern Beaches earlier this year was the start line for the most amazing holiday/trip/experience… I don’t know what to call it but there’s a


Light Painting Photography for Your Central Coast Wedding

Central-Coast-Wedding-Light-Painting_004I’ve had a great couple of shoots experimenting with a new technique that we can now happily offer to you if you’d like to have some light painting photography for your Central Coast wedding. Obviously, these images can only be created at night time but will work in just about any location or venue.

The best time for shots like these on your wedding day would be just before


The Pressure and Fun of Shooting a Mates Central Coast Wedding


It’s not often I get to photograph a mates wedding. It sure is fun, extra pressure, but fun for sure. I think the pressure comes from within, certainly not from the couple getting married, Greg and Tahnee in this case, who recently celebrated their Central Coast wedding at Terrigal Haven.

I think the pressure slowly builds as the wedding is something that gets talked about every time we catch up – there is something new, an opinion asked for, an idea to run by me, timetables to discuss… everything revolves around


Central Coast Reptile Park Wedding Photography meets Kel-Leigh Couture… and Ian

The Australian Reptile Park at Somersby is now a Central Coast wedding venue and a great place for your wedding photography if you are into…. reptiles. Actually, there’s lots more to the park than just the animals, although they are a terrific drawcard. There is plenty of bushland, grassed areas and forest trails that are perfectly suited to beautiful wedding photos.

Last week, I was lucky enough to be


A Thank You Note from Sal & Nige Following Their Wet Central Coast Wedding

Following a bout of horribly wet Central Coast saturdays, which coincidently meant wet weddings, I received this beautiful thank you card from Sally and Nigel below.

I have lots more photos and words to add from their wedding in a future post but wanted to share their card with you for a few reasons.

  1. Since the popularity of “Shoot and Burn” wedding photography, it’s both rare and sad that

A Wedding Photography Testimonial… Before the Wedding

Meeting with couples looking to book their wedding photographer is a totally normal situation for me. It’s something I do every week. One thing I’ve noticed is some couples are totally sure about what they’re after while others have a better idea of what they don’t like.

I care about every couple at every meeting but it’s easy to focus on why the occasional couple doesn’t book. That changed this week after I received


Photography Business Exposed – Learn Wedding & Portrait Photography from The Pros

If you’re on this page, chances are you a professional photographer or your considering the option of becoming one. As I’ve stated on the blog before, via Facebook and the number of calls I get in regard to new and upcoming photographers, I’ll always do whatever I can to help.

Chances also are, you probably don’t want to learn everything from me or you feel like you can’t approach an established wedding or portrait photographer for help without coming across the wrong way or worried about rejection. Well, now you