The Reef Restaurant at Terrigal Haven – a great option for your wedding reception

Reef Restaurant Wedding Reception

The Reef Restaurant at Terrigal Haven is the classiest venue for a wedding reception at Terrigal Haven and a great option for your wedding reception. Situated immediately above the beach, you and your guests will be seated 3 stories above the water and have more than 180 degree panoramic views of the ocean, headlands and Terrigal through a series of bi-fold windows that run the entire length of the restaurant.

If your wedding falls on a warm day, the staff are more than happy to


Terrigal Haven Wedding Photography – After the Ceremony (Secret Spot)

This little spot is one of the least well known and under utilised, hence the name of this post Terrigal Haven Wedding Photography “Secret Spot”. It’s not really a secret but does offer some fantastic options for a creative wedding photographer.

Once down on the rock platform, it’s flat and easy to get around, it’s secluded from both the wind and onlookers in what is a rarely visited spot by


Kids of The Coast Book is Now Available

kids of the coast

We weren’t really aware of just how big a project the 2014 Kids of the Coast was going to be at the start but we always had high hopes of producing a beautiful hard cover book filled with gorgeous portraits of Central Coast kids in an attempt to raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The fight against breast cancer holds special significance for


Magenta Shores Wedding Perfection with Ash & Matt

Magenta Shores Wedding_047_1

Every couple planning a Central Coast wedding would do anything to have the day that Ash and Matt had at Magenta Shores earlier this year. Although I was responsible for the wedding photography and had a fair idea of how the day was meant to run, I think I can safely assume that everything went entirely to plan… the weather, the location, the guests, the bridal party, the speeches, the emotion and of course, two of the most gorgeous flower girls you could ever wish for.

Of course, with any wedding day, there are always things that can and do go wrong. In fact, it’s usually the


Kass and Beau – Model Portfolio Photography

Talk about freezing! This was not a good day for a portfolio photography shoot where we were hoping to go for a “summery” feel. Kass was looking to add to her portfolio and as an an experienced model wanted to introduce her boyfriend Beau to the idea.

With the date and time locked in and busy schedules, there was no choice but to go ahead with the shoot at the Newcastle Baths. Lucky for Kass and Beau, this wasn’t a swim suit shoot which was also happening at the same time and location. And who says modelling isn’t a tough job!

As a first try at this modelling gig, Beau did


Love this! My Boys and Roxy Girl



Do you know a plumber with a leaking tap, a builder with an incomplete house or a painter with unfinished walls? I think I fit into that category as a photographer without enough photos of my kids. Especially so as they’ve reached their teenage years and it’s just not “cool” to have your photo taken by your dad.

Sure it’s fine if they’re snap chatting, posting to “insti” or Facebooking but it’s a whole different story if


Terrigal Haven Wedding Ceremony – Broken Head

Broken Head is one of the best location to hold a wedding ceremony at Terrigal Haven because of the privacy it offers with it’s natural amphitheatre shape… not to mention the amazing backdrop of uninterrupted ocean views.

Although the name “Broken Head” is difficult to find on maps of the local area, that’s the name you will need when booking this location for your wedding ceremony with


Terrigal Haven Weddings – The Haven Beach Cafe

The Haven Beach Cafe is one place that could easily be overlooked for a wedding reception venue but it may be perfectly suited if you’re planning a smaller intimate wedding. The venue is literally above the water with views back to the town centre of Terrigal which will be lit up during an evening reception.

Before the sun sets, you and your wedding guests will have


Japan Skiing 2014 – Yubokumin, Hirafu Niseko

January 2014 my son Matthew, brother Simon and his mate Shaun and I, set off to ski Japan and opted to stay with a Japanese family in the Pension Yubokumin in Hirafu Niseko on the Island of Hokkaido. Below is a recap of our trip in photos.

All photos taken with one camera/lens combo; a fixed 35mm lens on the Fuji X100s and freezing cold hands!

If you’d like to check out more of the Japan ski holiday, there’s a bunch of other photos on my Instagram feed:


Terrigal Haven Platform No 2 for Your Wedding Ceremony

Platform No. 2 at Terrigal Haven is one of the recently landscaped viewing areas or decks around the Haven and is perfectly suited to an outdoor wedding ceremony with its spectacular ocean views.

Although the deck itself isn’t huge, there is ample space around the deck for around 100 guests as long as your wedding celebrant has a loud voice or good PA system.

The biggest problem for a


Sydney Harbour Views for a Central Coast Wedding… Amy and Aaron

Finding a car park at Manly Beach on a Saturday lunchtime is always going to be a challenge, especially when you definitely have to be somewhere on time. I sniffed out a tight spot between a world famous Manly pine tree and a bunch of trendy motor scooters with plenty of time to meet Aaron and the guys making preparations for today’s wedding.

It’s always very cool for a wedding photographer to turn up and be greeted by familiar faces and that’s


Love This! Matt and Kerilyn at Soldiers Beach


There was still half a pizza left in the box and we were still surprised that our little sheltered spot out of the wind had stayed relatively sand free.

The water was getting closer and it was getting dark quickly. None of us cared, the conversation was flowing and we were all kid free for an hour or two – we could talk in peace.

I had just finished photographing