Hi Res Wedding Files – do you really want them?

If you’ve come across this blog post in the archives, it’s important to know that We offer your Hi Res file s with every single wedding package today.

Why the change and do I have the same views today that I expressed in the post below.

The change is because you, the bride, has requested it and feel that it’s so important that we are happy to oblige. However there are pitfalls if you are basing your choice of photographer on these files alone.

See my new post on the subject of high res wedding files and what having them really means to you.

One of the most common reasons that we aren’t chosen to photograph a couples wedding is in my opinion, the worst reason to base your decision – the hi res files.


You may be thinking, of course that’s your view, you just don’t want to offer the files so you’ll say anything to change my mind. Not true. We have just introduced a new package that includes the hi res files. So, why are we offering these files with our newest and cheapest package and why offerthem now. And, more importantly, why haven’t we offered the files in the past?