Portrait: Ellie Rose


It always feels strange coming back to my first shoot after a holiday and yesterday was no different. The nice part about returning to this shoot was that it was a baby portrait session for two week old Ellie – I was pretty sure she wouldn’t put too many demands on me for my first day back.


Wedding: Harvey & Nat

Well, I’m a very lucky girl to be able to feature my own wedding on our Impact blog site. It’s nearly been a month now and when I look back on my day via these photographs I’m truly filled with blissful memories. The photos bring back all the emotion, energy and joy from the day and by simply revisiting my photos I can have a dose of it whenever I choose.


Wedding: Kate & Chris


Yes, I’ve blogged some images from Chris & Kate’s wedding previously but I just had to share a lovely message they emailed regarding their album that was completed recently;

Hi Jemima,

Chris & I would like to thank you & Andrew for making our experience with Impact Images so wonderful. We loved dealing with you both and we look forward to booking Impact for all of our future photography ventures.


Wedding: Casey & Mark


It was a long drive from St Patrick’s in the Vineyards into Newcastle to start the location shoot but WOW, the timing was perfect. Once we got out of the cars the sky was just scrumptious, a beautiful blue with puffy white clouds … perfect for photos!


Jacqueline & Chris

I didn’t think I’d get the chance to update the blog while away but have access to a computer for a short time to fill you in on an amazing wedding I photographed while in Scotland – it was the wedding of Linda’s cousin Jacqueline, to Chris, her partner of eleven years!


Portrait: At Home

Sometimes it can be difficult to get the whole family organised and sorted for a location shoot, especially when one of the parents work long hours or has to do the daily commute. For these situations, and if the house suits, a portrait shoot at your home can be a great solution.


Portrait Photography Advice: Studio or Outdoor Shoot


One of the main question we are asked when families, usually mums, are booking a family portrait session is whether they should go for a studio or an outdoor session. Our answer at the studio: it depends.

The first thing we need to know before helping with the choice is the age of the youngest child in the family. If that little family member isn’t able to sit up on their own then a studio shoot is usually the best choice otherwise they spend most of their time with a face in the sand, water, grass or a blanket while the older kids are having a great old time in the outdoors – not really fair or conducive to a good family photo.


Wedding: Celine & Kevin


The setting was Peppers Guest House and the gorgeous St Patricks Chapel of Nulkaba amongst the vineyards in the Hunter Valley. The cast included mainly Irish, a sprinkling of Aussies, an ambulance, an awesome two man band and two cheerful kids…


Wedding: Erica and Michael

Caves Beach Resort is fast becoming a popular wedding venue. I photographed the venues very first wedding over a year ago.Back there a year later and the changes are impressive.The villas have been finished and offered a modern backdrop for the boys, and this mixed with Erica’s gorgeous vintage dress and her parents stunning home, made for a wonderful contrast of something old and something new!


News: Ash is movin’ on up!

Well, the year has flown by for Ash and as she finishes up her Design Degree she is keen to get down to business and take on more weddings for Impact Newcastle.

Ash has been booking up quickly with the special $1495 package but don’t wait any longer as this offer is for a limited time.


Wedding: Melissa & Adam


Another wedding where it felt like turning up to photograph old friends. There were plenty of familiar faces and the day was just perfect. Everyone in the bridal party were “into” the photography which made my day a breeze and we were able to capture some great images.


Wedding: Brooke & Borto


There really is something special about a Hunter Valley wedding. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s away from my usual surroundings, the countryside, the vineyards, or the style of weddings but one thing is certain – the wedding of Brooke and Borto was just perfect.


News: Welcome again… Lisa


Since I last posted a welcome to Lisa, she has settled in and been shooting a number of portraits at the studio including newborns, families and pregnancy’s. The quality of her work combined with Jemima’s magic touch in the studio have meant some truly beautiful portraits have been leaving the studio.


Engagement Shoot, E-Shoot, E-Session – what are they?

E Session, engagement shoot, pre wedding shoot, are all just different names for the same thing; a chance to get some great images before your wedding day but there can be more to the shoot than meets the eye.

I can’t remember the number of times that I have raised my camera to have couples and mainly the guys (who have been dragged to the shoot) say  “I hate having my photo taken.” If this is you or your partner, read on, as the best thing before your wedding day could be an e-shoot.


Wedding: Kristina & Jason

Magenta-Shores_001A wedding with a twist, plenty of emotion, a bride like no other and some awesome light – this wedding had it all.

Kristina and Jason both made their preparations and held their reception at Magenta Shores Resort just north of The Entrance  – what  a great place for a wedding, I never tire of going there. They each had an apartment to get ready – next door to one another! For a change, the guys seemed more nervous than the girls but they have been for a very good reason.