Wedding: Karla & Simon


Sydney wedding always hold something special, particularly if the locations are new (to me) and the weather tries to throw a spanner in the works – neither of which had a negative effect on the day or the photos, just the opposite in fact.


Wedding: Shelly & Justin

This is a love story like no other – truly, madly, deeply – these guys have sparks that could be mistaken for fireworks!

Shelly had warned me there would be tears but nothing would have prepared me for a crying bride, crying groom, Dad’s in tears, as well as a couple of bridesmaids (groomsmen hid it well). This was just the beginning of the ceremony – the vows were still to come!!


Wedding: Sam & Kyle

Here is another of Corey’s weddings that I have been very slack in posting on the blog and one that I dearly wished I could have photographed. Sam & Kyle have been at so many weddings and part of so many bridal parties that I have photographed, I was truly bummed that I was already booked on their wedding day.


News: Thank You


I had to share a beautiful email message I received this morning from the parents of the bride, Chris and Steve, whose daughter I photographed on the weekend. The wedding of Jen and Pat was a truly special day and one that will stay with me for years to come – I’ll add some more photos of this emotion filled happy, happy day, once I have had a chance to sort through all the photos.


Wedding: Antony & Cassie

Award-winning-photographer_159It was back to Northern Beaches for the wedding of Antony and Cassie which always feels like heading home as that’s where I spent my time growing up. This day was special for me, not only because of the location but because there were so many familiar faces both in the bridal party and amongst the guests and families.


Commercial: Dental Surgery


My latest commercial assignment was to photograph a newly fitted dental surgery in Terrigal for Levitch Design in Sydney.

Levitch specialize in marketing, interior fit-outs and design for dental surgeries and Bill Dieberts is the latest to receive their special touch. The images here will be used for website, brochures and future advertising.


Pregnancy: Kristy


Pregnancy shoots are such a personal thing, some people love them and some just don’t get it. Believe it or not, I never took pregnancy photos of my beautiful wife Linda and she regrets and reminds me every time I photograph someone late in their third trimester. It was no different when she saw the photos of Kristy.


Personal: France 2010


I happened to have a little time yesterday to finally start the massive task of sorting through the photos from my trip to France in July. The reason it is such a massive task is that I’m sorting my images plus those of 11 mates and trying to put them in some type of order for a DVD and a coffee table book of the trip.


Wedding: Nikki & Justin


As far as wedding photography goes, this was the most relaxed shoot I have ever done. The reason? This was a reshoot.  Nikki and Justin were recently married in Fiji where they tell me they experienced the most wonderful day with their closest family and friends under blue skies and an amazing location.


Wedding: Benjamin & Kristie


The wedding of Benjamin and Kristie was one of two wedding ceremonies in the space of a week for these guys – one here in Australia and the next in the UK. You see, Benjamin is from England and with a large family and with a planned honeymoon in Europe, it just made sense to have two weddings rather than have all his family make the long trip out.