If someone were to ask me to describe a typical Aussie couple, the first word to mind would not be romantic. I’d be thinking relaxed, easy going, quick to share a laugh, beachy, sun-loving, good mates etc. The coolest part about this wedding with Lia and Joe is they were the “typical” Aussies with a […]

Every wedding day is somewhat romantic and could read something like; handsome groom marry’s pretty bride in beautiful gown in the church on the hill. Sounds sweet huh. Well read on because the story of Robby and Jacque goes well beyond “sweet” and enters the realm of incredible love story culminating in an emotion filled roller […]

“Fairy tale wedding” gets thrown around way too often these days and it’s a phrase I tend to steer clear of except when a wedding really does feel like stepping into an imaginary moment that just couldn’t exist in real life. When Tahlia arrived (as a total surprise to everyone) in a white carriage pulled by two […]